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Earn your Earth Day Badge

Hi! This is Ella. In my house we recycle everything that we can, we make sure to turn off lights when we leave the room, we buy energy efficient light bulbs and Mommy buys environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Here are pictures of the recycling basket that we have in the kitchen. When it's full, it gets emptied into a recycle bin that we keep outside.

Hi, this is Louis :) My sister Ella talked about how we recycle inside the house. This is the recycle bin outside. It's almost full and we still have 1 week to go before it gets picked up!

We don't recycle at work (bad!) so Mommy has a bag there that she brings home when it's full.

This year we're going to plant a vegetable garden and grow tomatoes and lettuce.


Mommy also has cloth bags that she brings to the supermarket but if she forgets them and gets plastic bags, we re-use them in our small trash cans or bring them back to the store for recycling.

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