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Would you like to be a PupScout?

Each year Pupscouts sponsors a few natinoal organizations such as Bark for Life, National Cancer Society and many other local shelters. 

Pick a shelter in your area to raise money. 

Have Fun

HELP Dog Charities and Shelters.
Learn your Pledge
Start a Troop in your Town

We would love some of you to be Troop Leaders for you local area and conduct meetings similar to the National meetings but you can localize your meetings as needed. 

You need to contact Tasha or Meteor and they will guide you through the process of starting a local Troop.

or join Troop 50 our online Troop

The online troop has to do just as much work to earn a badge as all the other troops but what fun you will have with your family earning badges.

Membership is very easy, complete form, below.




There is a $50 initiation fee for new members.

Annual dues afterwards is $25. 



Why two sites?

This web site is our public web site but all meeting notes and messages to PupScouts are posted on our Facebook Group.


In the PupScout Group you have access to all

the Troop Meetings, Information on earning

badges, you can ask questions and meet other



Each Troop Leader has their own Troop Page on Facebook to post minutes, messages to your Troop, welcome new Troop Members. set up events to earn badges, etc


You can also follow us on Instragram & Twitter.




We Do.

We are not affliated with any other PupScout group so please be careful which one you join. 

Our PupScout Troop formed in 2010 and held our first meeting in April. 2011. Our Concept for PupScouts

is an original idea modeled after the Human Scout Orgs. 

Many people and many hours of work were/are devoted to making PupScouts a Great Org.

 So. please DO NOT copy us,  join us. 






The National PupScout

Leaders are Tasha

and Meteor.

     They provide Leadership to Troop 4 plus 

     they guide other troop leaders in setting up in person troop meetups and ensure we all follow the same  mission.  The other troops have lots of

flexibility but the core mission of the PupScouts must stay the same.

They then help them buy uniforms, badges, sell cookies, advise what National Charity Orgs. we are raising money for but you can also raise money for local shelters. 

You can read more about Tasha and Meteor on

the Troop 4 page.

Troop 4

Troop 4 is the parent Troop of all of PupScout Troops.

Our Leaders, Tasha and Meteor are also the National Leaders, as well as Troop 4 Leaders, and they conduct online meetings for PupScouts in Troop 50.

Troop 50

Troop 50 is an online Troop who is able to participate no matter where they live. They  earn all the badges and have meetings conducted online. If any online PupScouts wish they can start a meet up Troop in their Home Town contact, Tasha for details.

Your Troop

Welcome to all our new Troops.

We do all the work for you and you have fun and recruit members,

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