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National/NYC PupScouts
Troop 4

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National & Troop 4 Leader & Founder
National & Troop 4 Leader
National Troop PupScouts Officers


Meteor is the co-leader of Pup Scout Troop 4.  When we started the troops we thought the boys and the girls would be separate groups who got together occasionally, but Tasha and Meteor soon realized that two heads were better than one and that all scouts ARE created equal and could do all the same badges. Meteor and Tasha try to plan the most fun meetings and badge requirements for all their scouts and get together frequently to work on the details.

Meteor loves being involved in the Pup Scouts, loves playing with his tennis ball in the park and more than anything loves his time on the beach in Fire Island.  He and his sister FiFiGiGi walk and run for miles in the sand and love to run out of their house to greet every person who passes by. When they are in NYC they frequent Tompkins Square and Washington Square Park Dog runs.

Meteor highly recommends Whiskers Holistic pet supply store on East 9th street for expert advice and crunchy lamb lung treats.

Hi! I'm Tasha. I am the Original Founder of PupScouts! I am also your Troop Leader, along with co-Leader Meteor.


Back in 2011, I saw the cute uniform on and thought all my friends on the DPFamily website, may like to join me in being a Scout - earning badges and helping our dog community by attending fundraisers & raising money for charities. Years later, our Troop has grown to be all over the USA & even International!


Besides being a PupScout, I also enjoy doing DOGA (doggie yoga) with my Mom and playing with my handsome Havanese boyfriend, Cuba!


 I am a dog actress/model and love living in Manhattan! I am known as the Manhattan Morkie!

PupScouts Troop 4
NYC Troop and 

The National Troop


Social Media Director- Pebbles

Hi! My name is Pebbles 🐶. I'm a 7 year old Morkie. My favorite treat is banana 🍌& cheese 🧀. I am also a doggie model 💃🏻& was filmed 📽in my first movie to come out later this year, called "Middle Ground". My mom & I joined PupScouts because we like to attend charities & fundraisers to help animal rescues & to bring awareness to Adopt. We are part of a growing family here at PupScouts. We also have fun with our humans & meet so many fur friends. My best friend, Buttercup & I are in charge of all Social Media for PupScouts.Org Including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow us @pupscoutsorg Please contact me at if you'd like me to post your photo in uniform.

Membership Coordinator- ONYX
Social Media Director - Buttercup

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.



I'm a toy Poodle raised in Brooklyn, New York. I live in the Park Slope area where there are dogs EVERYWHERE! I live near Prospect Park with the best mom in the world and we enjoy our " walks"  ( meaning mom walks while she pushes me in the stroller) and outings. 


My mom made me join the PupScouts last year in 2013 because she felt that I needed socialization. So shortly after hearing " pupscouts" from tv, she signed me up with no say.. and I'm thankful.


I use to be the shy guy that ran away from everything to everyone and everythingthing. Now I bark at mom when she is taking too long to get ready for a meeting!


Pupscouts has changed my life!



Troop 4 PupScouts

Troop 4 Pupscouts if you are not in this album, please send me a photo of you by yourself in uniform.

Troop 4 Meetings/Events
Bella Mia
Meteor Troop Leader
Lady B
Tasha Troop Leader

Cuba here, I met Tasha when we were only 12 weeks old at puppy school. I knew she was destined to be a leader and a star, so right away, I fell in love with her and we have been together ever since, 6 1/2 years. We even have our own love story FaceBook page. Maybe some day we might even get married. I started a private dog social site, DPFamily, 5 years ago and we met so many wonderful online friends who have become personal friends. As the years went by Tasha and I became more involved in Fashion so I decided to open a dog fashion site PawVogue.  I also am a radio show host on Paw Talk Show. If you listen to Episode 10, Tasha barks all about the PupScouts.   Tasha and Meeka  (our uniform coordinator) saw an adorable scout uniform for dogs and they started talking about all the good things and what fun pupscouts could do while looking adorable. SO, PupScouts was born....PupScouts started as a sub group on DPFamily. I have been a PupScout since the first meeting which took place in VA at Pup-n-Iron, April 2011. My only complaint, I have no room for all my badges. 

My favorite things to do is see Tasha, travel, and go to restaurants. 



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