COVID-19 Announcement

All in person meetings are temporarily suspended until further notice.

However, you can still participate and earn badges through our online Troop 50.

You can find us on Facebook: PupScouts Org National Headquarters

and on Instagram @pupscoutsorg

We hope that all our members are staying home and staying healthy.

Exciting News:

Our new PupScout Cookies are here! Made in the USA by Pawcasso Treats. Order from your local PupScout or send us a message if you'd like to place an order.

Strut Your Mutt - Oct 5, 2019

Come walk with the PupScouts and help us raise money for Best Friends Animal Society. 

The PupScouts on Nightline ABC News!

Order PupScout Cookies from your local PupScout, to support animal charity.

Drumroll pawlease: The winner of the PupScout Cookie Contest is....Tallulah!! Congrats!

Tallulah will be the "face" of the cookie box next season.

PupScout Glamping Event
Watch coverage of our Red Carpet Event and follow us on
YouTube - PupScouts Org

Video by Miriam Abrhams

 Everyone "Welcome", Don't be bashful, come join us. If you would like to become a PupScout,it's easy - go to membership page. 

Welcome to PupScouts


Is PupScouts for you?

If you are nostalgic about your days as a Scout?

If you want to help the dog community?

If you want to spend quality time with your dog and other dog parents?

If you and your pup would like to earn badges, bond, and have fun?

If you think pups look adorable in a Scout uniform?

Then PupScouts.Org is for you!

PupScout News

 Welcome Troop 480 Phoenix AZ

       Welcome Troop 361 WA

    Welcome Troop 1999 Minnesota

                            New Logo      

                       Pupscout Cookies




Welcome Troops

707- Atlanta GA



90210 -Beverly Hills




Troop 50 - online Troop has a New Leader - Pippa


PupScouts like wearing their uniforms, saying their pledge, earning badges, making new friends, raising money for dogs and humans in need, plus they like to have fun.

See What
We Do.

PupScouts if you would like your photo in the display above, the photo has to be when you were earning a badge, two photos max. email the photos to

What are PupScouts

 We are inspired by the girlscouts/boyscouts organizations but we are for dogs and are their parents.


We have PupScout meetings, earn badges, wear uniforms, and raise money for dog charities/shelters.

PLUS HAVE LOTS OF FUN and make new friends.

HELP Dog Charities and Shelters.

Each year Pupscouts sponsors a few national organizations to raise money by walking in marches, fashion shows, selling cookies, you name it, we will do it and have fun.

Have Fun

We have never had a meeting void of fun. The parents are the best ones to watch for fun. We all love to make our parents laugh and we sure do at PupScout meetings.

Start a Troop in your Town

First step in the process to become a pupscout is to join click on register above or go to the membership page.

We would love for you to organize a local PupScout Troop in your area. Let our National Leaders know you are interested and they can help you set up Troop # ??

or join Troop 50 our online Troop

Our online meetings require the PupScouts to do the exact same badge requirements and show us photos of you accomplishing your badge. They are lots of fun.

Here are the Official PupScouts Org Logos. When you see the official Logo, you'll know it's an offical PupScout Troop!

Troop 4

Troop 4 is the parent Troop of all of PupScout Troops.

Our Leaders, Tasha and Meteor are also the National Leaders, as well as Troop  4 Leaders, plus they conduct online meetings for PupScouts. 

Troop 50

Troop 50 is an online Troop who is able to participate in earning all the badges and have meetings conducted online. If any online PupScouts wish to start a meetup Troop in their Home Town contact, Tasha for details.

Troop #

Leaders pick your Troop #.

 We love having new troops form around the country. Let us help you form your local troop. 

We do all the work for you and you have fun and recruit members.

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Friends of PupScouts

National Troop Leaders are

    Tasha & 




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